I'm Susannah.

obsessed with birth. still swooning over my new baby boy. shooting weddings, traveling, loving Jesus, and in general, eating too much and getting really excited about stuff with my husband, Peter.

birth photography and other things

On the whole, colours, saturation and contrast all look great. Everything’s just a touch warmer than it appears on my computer, but I suspect this is because the images are printed on ivory paper (and I wouldn’t hesitate to print on ivory again).

As always, colour calibration of your own monitor is key to making sure your prints turn out as you’d like them to! Darker tones came out a bit darker than I’d expected, sometimes to the point where a bit of detail was lost in areas with lots of blacks or deep shadows (everywhere else, detail was awesome). I wasn’t disappointed with the end result, but I’d be tempted to try to correct for it next time if I was working with shots with dark blacks. Overall, the photos printed beautifully – edges are sharp, textures look impressively true to life, and the finish is an easy-on-the-eyes matte rather than super-shiny. The text, too, looks great. It’s elegant, well-saturated and crisp. Price Here are the specs on what you get when you order a Photo Book plus: 7×10 portrait or 9.25×7.4 landscape album 60 pages Black hard-cover book with inset album title printed on ivory cardstock Black hard-sided linen case with album title printed on ivory cardstock Moleskine styling inside and out (elastic closure, ribbon bookmark, extendable inner pocket, stitched binding, standard “If found” front page, Moleskine logo embossed onto the back page of the book cover and back of the slipcase and printed inside the front cover of the book) Downloadable PDF of your album designed for tablet (but works on anything with a PDF reader) Digital “Flip Book” copy of your album that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email Ability to embed video into your Flip Book Total Cost: US$100 + shipping and subject to import duties and taxes (shipping to Canada from New Zealand, where Moleskine+MILK is based, came in at US$18.99). Preordering a book (paying before you start building it) will save you $30 off the list price – a good deal!