I'm a birth nerd.

I got to attend, and sort-of photograph my first birth when I was 12, and it destroyed me for anything else. I remember the mom told me that she hoped she hadn't scared me, but I was starry-eyed and couldn't believe how perfectly beautiful the entire thing was, from start to finish. Since then, I've been to many more of my friends & family's births, and and each time, it's made me more and more in awe and more and more sure that it's kind of all I want to do, forever. I've always loved photography, but that jumping-up-and-down-inside feeling of "THIS! this is what I was made to do!" is over-the-top at births, as I cry steadily behind my camera. 

I'm annoying about it. It's that thing that I'll talk someone's ear off about. I'll run across a room to horn in on some conversation if I hear the word "birth". I can talk all DAY about the death & resurrection in birth, the sacrifice, the formative experience that lays the foundation for the journey of motherhood... all of it.

birth photography


What makes me obsessed with photography is 100% capturing memories. Being a fly on the wall and getting pictures of people feeling real feelings is all I want to do. And let me tell ya, births have the most feelings you could ever hope for. I love that I can’t stage a darn thing—it’s not about posing, directing, or moving the subject into the best light—it’s a no-brakes event, and I’m just there to capture it all. My desire with photography has always to be unobtrusive & just let something unfold. Births are the perfect place for that. It’s so exhilarating trying to find the best light (in a pitch-dark room), grabbing that shot of a couple kissing between contractions—capturing relationships, not just stuff. You're telling the story of the day a human soul was born.

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I want to photograph babies in their context. As cute as babies are, I want to showcase more than just that. The most invaluable thing to me, is pictures of your life with your baby. Rocking him to sleep, nursing, playing on the floor together. I want to capture memories for you of not just your baby, but you with your baby. The pictures my husband has taken of me sacked out unattractively with a squishy baby asleep on my chest are so ridiculously precious to me. I want to photograph your baby smiling at you, not just the camera.