I'm a birth nerd.

I got to attend, and sort-of photograph my first birth when I was 12, and it destroyed me for anything else. I remember the mom told me that she hoped she hadn't scared me, but I was starry-eyed and couldn't believe how perfectly beautiful the entire thing was, from start to finish. Since then, I've been to many more of my friends & family's births, and and each time, it's made me more and more in awe and more and more sure that it's kind of all I want to do, forever. I've always loved photography, but that jumping-up-and-down-inside feeling of "THIS! this is what I was made to do!" is over-the-top at births, as I cry steadily behind my camera. 

I'm annoying about it. It's that thing that I'll talk someone's ear off about. I'll run across a room to horn in on some conversation if I hear the word "birth". I can talk all DAY about the death & resurrection in birth, the sacrifice, the formative experience that lays the foundation for the journey of motherhood... all of it.